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Nexen's Approach to Orthopedic Rehabilitation in Hyderabad.

Restore Confidence and Mobility with Integrated Rehabilitation Services for long term Bone Injuries.

Enhance Physical Balance | Amplify Strength | Boost Confidence.

Improve Your Pain & Mobility With Our Specialist Orthopaedic Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Services

Improve Your Pain & Mobility With Our Specialist Orthopaedic Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Services

Orthopaedic physiotherapy, also known as musculoskeletal physiotherapy and orthopedic physical therapy, is physiotherapy that treats any part of the musculoskeletal system.

This includes:

  • Bones
  • Muscles
  • Ligaments
  • Tendons
  • Joints
  • Connective Tissue

We specialize in treating a wide range of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system, focusing on biomechanical and structural rehabilitation. Our targeted goals aim to maximize functional movement, enabling a smooth return to normal daily activities. Our expertise is commonly utilized for addressing accidental injuries, sports injuries, and resolving physical impairments related to lifestyle and aging.

Additionally, we provide crucial support for individuals undergoing orthopedic surgery, recognizing that the period before and after surgery can be distressing and painful without timely advice and management. Our team of experts is dedicated to getting you back on track by offering flexibility and strengthening exercises, balance retraining, mobility practice and progression, improvement of joint range of motion, and techniques for reducing pain to expedite recovery.

We comprehensively cover all pre and post-operative physiotherapy rehabilitation services for orthopedic surgeries, whether routine or following trauma such as joint replacements, conservative management of fractures, surgeries to fix fractures, spinal surgeries, multiple fractures, polytrauma, and surgeries resulting from road traffic accidents.

About Our Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Services

About Our Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Services

The physiotherapy specialists at NEXEN Healthcare focus on the body's main structures, including bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, as well as the interconnected systems of the heart, circulation, and lungs. Treatment is personalized based on an individual's initial assessment. Following treatment, exercise plans and advice are routinely provided, and the number of treatments varies depending on the patient's progress in recovery.

Our clinics are fully equipped with breakthrough technologies and pioneering techniques. We have state-of-the-art facilities and treatment rooms that enable our experienced physiotherapists to address all musculoskeletal conditions. This includes gait and posture analysis, virtual reality, interactive gaming rehab, and return-to-sport or activity training tailored to the patient's condition and needs.

Every patient undergoes a comprehensive assessment to identify the cause of their condition, allowing for targeted, appropriate, and effective treatment.

Why Nexen Should Be Your Only Choice of Option for Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation?


Our treatments are tailored to each of our client’s specific needs, depending on their issues and the goals they want to achieve. Our treatments are designed to help you move around your home with greater ease and less pain.

All treatments start with one of our physios assessing your needs and developing a personalized treatment plan, specifically for you.


Our physiotherapists work closely with our occupational therapists, so we can not only treat your physical issues but also help you manage daily tasks such as using your bath or shower or getting in and out of a car. This means our therapists have access to the right equipment and treatment techniques to help you return to a more independent life.

Our combined approach to treating you holistically, means that we treat the whole person and not just the injured part.


We offer our treatments in the comfort of your own home, so you don’t have to travel to us. Our caring physios come to you because it’s less traumatic and more convenient and comfortable, especially if you struggle with mobility.

We can also treat you in a care home, private hospital, hospice, or wherever you are in the community. Due to our experience in occupational therapy, we can also suggest or provide other rehabilitation services and wellness programs that may benefit you.

Tailored Orthopedic Therapies for Your Well-being

Physical Therapy

Our approach encompasses hot/cold therapy, hydrotherapy, joint mobilization, and kinesiology tape, reducing pain and enhancing your walking gait.

Occupational Therapy

We transform daily activities into achievable goals, adapting your environment to meet your needs and empower your independence.

Conditions We Treat Through Our Rehabilitation Program for a Pain-Free Life

Joint Injuries

From shoulder pain to dislocated knees, our rehabilitation addresses a range of joint issues.

Joint Replacement

We specialize in aiding recovery post-total hip or knee replacement surgeries.

Arthritis Conditions

Whether it's carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoarthritis, we're here to alleviate your discomfort.

Revitalize your strength, reclaim mobility, and embrace a pain-free future with Nexen Healthcare's orthopedic rehabilitation – where holistic care transforms lives!

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