At NEXEN Healthcare you can be part of team that is dedicated to giving the best care and treatment for every patient that walks through our doors. Be a part of making someone’s quality of life better.

Our Values:

We Welcome Enquiries From Talented Individuals Who Would Like To Join The Team

We have a set of core values that are central to everything we do. Our core values define who we are, and what we stand for. We look for these core values in every member of our team. We believe that by working together with share values, we can achieve the most for patients and for our team.

Join us at

NEXEN Healthcare to learn, develop, innovate and become the best you can be.

Receive expert training

The team will support you through expert training to develop your skills.

Exceed patient expectations

Apply those skills to exceed both your own and your patients expectations.

Become the best

Through continuous development become the best you can be.

Find a suitable Role

Where You Fit In

Based on your ability, time commitment and interest, we can find the right volunteer opportunity for you. To name a few, you can be a Physical therapy resource, Occupational therapy resource, Speech & Language therapy resource, Volunteer opportunity resource, Empower program resource, Physician clinic resource, Peer program resource, and Support group resource.

Regular / Permanent

Regular / Permanent







Join as Volunteer

Start Your Journey

As a volunteer, you'll directly interact with patients, make a positive impact, and become an ambassador of empathy and compassion in our rehabilitation center community.

Our Impact

Experience the magic of volunteering at NEXEN Healthcare! our extensive programs for a positive impact, meaningful connections, and life-changing moments. Be an ambassador of change and discover your true calling in our inspiring community.


  • Wear appropriate business casual attire
  • Courteous to patients and staff
  • Adhere to company policies
  • Understand our mission and what we do
  • Working hours as designated initially
  • Commitment strongly encouraged
  • Can’t find the role you’re looking for?
  • We would still like to hear from you. Please email us your details by clicking on the email link below and we will be in touch when something suitable comes up.


Join Our Team!

We can set up an appointment for an interview. During the interview, we can discuss your ability, time commitment and interest. Once that’s addressed, you are ready to start!

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