Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR at NEXEN Healthcare

NEXEN Healthcare is committed towards providing healthcare services for the socially marginalized and deprived sections of the society. We not only make sure that our programs are efficient, but also ensure that they are sustainable and relevant to those meant to benefit from them.

The CSR initiatives are driven by our vision, philosophy and the need of the community, with health for all remaining our main focus.

  • NEXEN Healthcare main motto is to make the immobile – mobile and independent and thereby improve the quality of life. With the main objective being “for the want of money, the lives of marginalized and deprived sections of the society should not end in suffering but should get rich Treatment”. The treatment is provided in partnership with Sathyakiranam Charitable Trust by conducting health camps through charitable clinics and outreach clinics set up across different regions.

  • NEXEN Healthcare with its focus on “Health Education and Preventive Healthcare” creates awareness on health issues by leveraging on different channels of communication and disseminate health information to reach to vulnerable sections of the community.
  • NEXEN Healthcare aims to provide emergency medical relief services in an organized and time sensitive manner to people affected by disasters. NEXEN Healthcare core commitment is to support the government, NGOs and other social welfare organisations efforts in providing medical relief during a calamity.

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